Jericho Moisturisers. Hydrate Your Skin.

Add nourishing moisturisers to your daily skincare routine and keep moisture locked in. Keep skin looking youthful with moisturisers that have anti-ageing properties.

Treat yourself to the best face moisturiser for dry skin. Jericho moisturisers are enriched with Dead Sea minerals that have natural anti-ageing properties. 
Shaving can be an enjoyable part of your morning routine when you have the right products. We have two cooling aftershave balms enriched with Vitamins E and A that help prevent dehydration and ageing. Aloe Vera provides a cooling effect for any razor cuts that may be left behind.
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Jericho moisturisers come in both day and night creams. Start your day with a day moisturiser that will last all day and keep moisture locked in. With argan oil and Dead Sea minerals, it naturally softens the skin and is essential to its metabolic process. 
For the night, enjoy a moisturiser rich in retinol that helps protect against signs of ageing and goes into deep layers of the skin. Restore your natural balance as you relax and restore your body for the next day. 
Before you go off outdoors, our oil-free facial cream is a good protector for your skin. With fast absorption and UV sun filters, it protects against daily sun exposure without leaving your skin feeling greasy.
Restore balance to your skin with Jericho skin toners that aid in removing excess oil, dirt, and grim to clear pores. In addition, our toners have anti-ageing properties that protect against wrinkles by stimulating cell metabolism.
Start and end your days on the right foot with the best face moisturisers for dry skin. Jericho moisturisers will leave your skin feeling replenished and smooth.

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