Blond & Grey

Explore the essential collection for blond and grey hair at Jericho Skincare ANZ, where we understand the unique needs of lighter hair shades. Our curated selection includes a range of products designed to enhance, protect, and maintain the luminous quality of your blond or grey hair, featuring key items like purple shampoo, purple conditioner, and purple masks.

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Essential Purple Products for Blond and Grey Hair

Blond and grey hair can often exhibit unwanted yellow or brassy tones, which is why our purple shampoo and conditioner are essential for maintaining that cool, crisp look. These products work by neutralising yellowish hues, ensuring your hair retains its vibrant, true colour. Additionally, our purple mask offers deep conditioning, reviving your hair's softness and shine while emphasising the beauty of your unique hair colour.

Nourishment and Treatment for Lighter Hair Shades

Our collection goes beyond colour correction, offering comprehensive care tailored to the specific needs of blond and grey hair. From maintaining the integrity of your colour to addressing issues like dryness and brittleness, these products are formulated to provide your hair with the nourishment and strength it needs.

Within our selection at Jericho Skincare ANZ, you'll find top-tier products, including those from renowned brands like Pastel Professional, known for their expertise in hair care for blond and grey shades. Whether you're seeking the best purple shampoo, a nurturing grey hair treatment, or a potent purple mask, our range is designed to cater to the diverse requirements of your hair.

Celebrate Your Colour with Confidence

Embrace the specialised care your blond or grey hair deserves with our dedicated collection. By choosing the right products, you're not just maintaining your hair's colour; you're also investing in its overall health and vitality. Dive into our assortment at Jericho Skincare ANZ and discover how the right care can transform your hair, enhancing its natural beauty and ensuring it remains as vibrant and lively as you are.

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