Jericho Eye Care. Stay Youthful.

Keep your eyes bright and radiant with a lifting eye gel and anti-ageing eye cream. Boost collagen production with Dead Sea minerals and soothing moisturising agents.

Lavish your skin with anti-ageing eye cream that will aid in giving you a brighter complexion. Indulge in luxurious products like our lifting eye gel and naturally enhance your beauty.
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Dive into our range of luxurious anti-ageing eye creams. Our advanced formula in our antioxidant mineral serum locks in moisture while giving a boost of Vitamins A and C to keep the skin firm and protect from the environment.
If you experience undereye bags or crow’s feet, our lifting eye gel helps hydrate the delicate tissue under your eyes and maintain elasticity. Rosehip oil, chamomile, and ginseng all work together to prevent dark circles and prevent premature wrinkles.
Our premium line offers an eye and neck gel like no other. With Dead Sea minerals and age-defying ingredients, it increases collagen production in the skin and fills in wrinkles, leaving your face even-toned and vibrant. With Matrixyl Synth’6, it has a concentrated formula that has been clinically proven to reduce the texture and depth of stretch marks and wrinkles.
Jericho has eye gel specifically developed for men. Our lifting eye gel soothes and decongests the eye area, aiding in decreasing bags and giving a radiant appearance. Jericho’s gels are lightweight and easily absorbed, leaving a non-greasy feeling on the skin. 
Jericho anti-ageing eye cream and lifting eye gels will help bring back youthfulness to your skin. Fight signs of premature ageing and give your skin a radiant glow. 

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