Jericho Breakouts and Congestion Products. Renew Your Skin.

Make way for clearer skin with Jericho skincare products. Let congested skin breathe with all-natural, mineral-rich products.

Facial peels, soaps, toners and masks are all great ways to cleanse and extract blackheads and relieve skin congestion. Jericho provides a collection of mineral-rich products that directly target clogged pores and acne while still being gentle on the skin.  
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Our Jericho Premium toner helps remove any excess oils or impurities on the skin and clears up skin congestion and clogged pores with Dead Sea minerals and anti-ageing ingredients. It cleanses while also protecting against fine lines and wrinkles.
Brighten up your skin with our refreshing skin toner that’s formulated with Dead Sea minerals and Aloe Vera plant extracts to thoroughly cleanse the face of any greasiness or residue. Not only does it cleanse and remove impurities, but it also helps restore your skin’s pH balance and moisturises. It’s a great way to prep the skin before your morning routine. 
In our Premium line, our mud and sauna masks take you on a trip to the spa. The sauna mask is self-heating, allowing pores to open and impurities to gently be extracted. Our active mud mask is enriched with Dead Sea minerals that will absorb excess oil while accelerating cell renewal and acting as a blackhead cream.
Jericho has a wide array of products for those who suffer from blackheads, acne, and skin congestion. Our products target skin issues while not leaving excess oils or a greasy feeling after use. Repair and replenish your skin with products made just for you.

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