Dandruff & Sensitive Scalp

Explore the specialised collection for dandruff and sensitive scalp care at Jericho Skincare ANZ, where we provide targeted solutions to address your scalp concerns. Our curated selection, featuring esteemed brands like Jericho, Mon Platin DSM, PremiuMen, and Sea of Spa, offers effective products designed to alleviate dandruff, soothe sensitive scalps, and promote overall scalp health.

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Soothing Solutions for Sensitive Scalps

A sensitive scalp requires gentle care with products formulated to reduce irritation and discomfort. Our range includes specialised options for those who experience sensitivity, ensuring your scalp receives the attention and treatment it deserves. With products designed to calm, soothe, and nurture, you can achieve a comfortable and healthy scalp environment, laying the foundation for healthier hair growth.

Our sensitive scalp solutions are crafted with mild ingredients that provide relief without compromising effectiveness. They're perfect for daily use, offering a gentle yet efficient approach to scalp care, ensuring your scalp stays balanced and free from irritation.

Effective Dandruff Control

Dandruff can be a persistent and frustrating issue, but with the right dandruff shampoo and treatment, it's manageable. Our collection includes powerful dandruff treatment options that target the root causes of flaking and itching. Whether you're dealing with oily or dry scalp dandruff, our products are designed to provide relief and restore your scalp's natural balance.

Our dandruff shampoos not only address flaking and itching but also help to prevent recurrence, ensuring your scalp stays clear and comfortable. With regular use, you can maintain a dandruff-free scalp and enjoy healthier, more vibrant hair.

Discover our selection of dandruff and sensitive scalp care products at Jericho Skincare ANZ. With trusted brands and effective formulations, you can tackle scalp issues with confidence, knowing you're using products that are specifically designed to address and alleviate your concerns. Say goodbye to dandruff and scalp sensitivity, and hello to comfort and clarity with our expertly curated collection.

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