Jericho Body Exfoliators. Revitalise Your Skin.

Remove dead skin cells and brighten skin with the best body exfoliating scrub in Australia. Leave your skin looking radiant and glowing with all-natural ingredients.

Exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling smoother than ever before with the best body exfoliating scrub in Australia. 
Indulge yourself with a body scrub rich in aromatic oils that not only arouse your senses but hydrate dry skin, leaving it shiny and smooth. This body exfoliator will help increase your blood circulation and remove dead skin cells, taking your skin from dull to brilliant.
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A peeling body scrub can help relieve tension and stress as it nourishes your skin. Our Vicky Incredible peeling scrub removes dirt while leaving your skin super soft to the touch. 
Smoothing body scrubs come in both pure lilac for delicate skin and orange flower scents, creating a beautiful fragrance to enjoy as your go through your skincare routine. They’re the perfect treatment for skin renewal and leave your skin soft and buttery.
Illuminate your skin with our premium aromatic body exfoliator. It aids in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful with natural aromatic oils. In addition, the Dead Sea salts work perfectly in helping your body retain moisture throughout the busy day.
Indulge in luxury with our Jericho Premium Body Renewal Kit. This combines both the Aromatic Body Exfoliate and the Moist Booster Body Butter to completely hydrate and restore your skin. Both products have amazing textures and fragrances, leaving you feeling invigorated after use.
Our body exfoliator scrubs are all rich in Dead Sea minerals and are paraben and cruelty-free! Treat your body to the best body exfoliating scrub that Australia has to offer.

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