Jericho for Dry Skin. Lock in Hydration.

Protect dry and dehydrated skin with Jericho’s line of moisturisers, creams, and serums. Hydrate and moisturise to retain your youthful glow.

Explore the best dehydrated and dry skin products that leave your skin glowy and supple. Prevent flakiness and peeling from dry weather and harsh environmental factors.
If you’re looking for the best products for dry skin for men – look no further! Our aftershave balm is a great addition to a daily skincare routine as it’s enriched with aloe vera and natural oils that help retain moisture.
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Protect against moisture loss and ageing with our premium collagen booster, restoring day cream, and intensive night cream. The dual action of both products gives your skin its best protection 24/7.
For extra hydration, our eye gel and serum are the best products for dry skin that help protect against dehydration. They delicately treat your skin and help boost collagen production, making your skin radiant.
Relieve itchiness from dry skin with our Calming Aloe Vera Gel, which is perfect to use after a long day in the sun. Calm dry and irritated skin and replenish moisture without leaving the skin feeling oily. 
Bring the spa home with our self-heating sauna mask and irresistible facial pearl mask. Both masks will add extra layers of hydration deep into your skin, while also restoring your skin’s natural pH balance.
Get visibly smoother skin and get the right products for your dry and dehydrated skin. Freshen up your skincare routine with the best products for dry skin that go deep into the layers and keep moisture in all day long.

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