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Take control of your skin with Jericho. Explore cocoa butters and moisturizers that lock in hydration all day long.

Jericho offers a variety of skincare for dry skin that will leave you feeling silky smooth and remove the stress of dealing with regular flaky or cracked skin. 
Serums are excellent for dry skin, and our premium line is perfect for locking in hydration. With a unique formula of Dead Sea minerals, honey, vitamins, and antioxidants, dry skin doesn’t stand a chance as it absorbs deep into your skin.
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Hydrating around your eyes is also essential, as crow’s feet and sun damage like to target those areas. Our Jericho lifting eye serum is the perfect dry skin product as it helps improve elasticity while also moistening the delicate eye tissue. 
Having both a morning and a night cream is essential to giving your body the moisture it needs. Our premium line of creams is rich in retinol and Dead Sea minerals, helping keep your skin soft while also protecting against wrinkles and dryness.
Your hands work hard every day for you, and as such, they can easily get worn down and dried out by the end of a long day. Protect your hands from the elements with Jericho hand cream that’s enriched with sweet almond and olive oil to help prevent signs of ageing. 
Another source of dryness can come after shaving, which is why our aftershave balm is filled with vitamins A and E, as well as our hydrating facial cleanser and purifying Dead Sea mud soap.
Keep your skin velvety soft throughout the day with proper moisturising products that work for you. 

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