What’s the Best Way to Apply a Moisturising Day Cream?

What’s the Best Way to Apply a Moisturising Day Cream?

Rising with the sun comes with a promise of new beginnings and the chance to give your skin the nourishment it needs to face the day. And if you’re looking to build a morning skincare routine, there’s one product you shouldn’t skimp on—moisturising day cream. Applying it isn’t just another step in your routine; it’s an essential embrace for your skin, guarding it against daily environmental factors and keeping it supple. So, today, let’s talk about the best way to apply a moisturising day cream. 

Understanding the A.M. Essential

Why should you grab your go-to moisturiser before getting on with your day? 

Applying moisturising day cream is crucial in the morning because it provides a hydrating boost and forms a protective barrier. The right cream preps your skin to retain moisture, combat dryness & fend off pollutants. Putting on makeup for work or a date with friends? Moisturise before makeup to set a flawless canvas for the day. 

The Art of Application: How to Apply Your Moisturising Face Cream

Applying moisturising face cream is not just a step but an art form that, when executed with finesse, can transform the health and appearance of your skin. Read on for our step-by-step guide on using your moisturising face cream in the morning:  

1. Clean Slate: Start by using a gentle, hydrating cleanser to remove oils and residue. This initial cleanse ensures your skin is receptive to moisturising benefits, creating an unblemished canvas for the subsequent skincare products.

2. Apply Toner: A swift, refreshing pass of toner over your skin can rebalance the pH levels and refine pores, setting the stage for your moisturiser to perform at its peak. Consider it the tuning of your skin’s instrument before the main act.

3. Use Serum: Apply any targeted treatment serums to address specific concerns. Their concentrated formulas are the virtuosos of skin repair and rejuvenation, paving the way for the moisturiser’s superior performance.

4. Warm Up the Moisturising Cream: After applying serum, it’s time to use your moisturising day cream. But before the grand application, warm the cream between your fingertips. This small gesture makes the moisturiser more pliable and ensures your skin will welcome it more readily, enhancing absorption and ensuring every nutrient is treasured.

5. Apply the Cream Gently: Now, here’s the main act—apply the cream with a touch as light as a feather’s stroke, using gentle, upward motions. Doing so wards off pulling down the skin and fosters a visage that’s taut and spirited. Extend the application to your neck, a frequently overlooked area that can reveal age. How about the eye area? If your moisturiser isn’t formulated for the eye area, avoid it. The skin here is delicate and requires a dedicated product.

6. Seal the Deal: Unless you’re using a day cream with SPF, finish with sunscreen to safeguard your moisturised skin from UV damage. That’s it! After that, you’re ready to face the world. 

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How Often Should You Moisturise, and How Much Moisturiser to Apply?

The rule of thumb is to moisturise twice a day, morning and night. However, if your skin feels tight or dry midday, it’s calling for more hydration. You can reapply your moisturising day cream. Simply put, be attentive & responsive to maintain its vitality.

What about the quantity? How much moisturiser to apply? A pea-sized amount is often sufficient. Overburdening your skin with products can lead to clogged pores. 

Finding the Best Day Cream in Australia

Not all creams are created equal, especially when you’re searching for the best day cream in Australia. Start by considering your skin’s needs: Does it crave the extra hydration of a moisturising face cream for dry skin? Or are you looking for the best day cream for mature skin in Australia, with ingredients that offer rejuvenation and defence against the signs of ageing? You should also look for creams enriched with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and vitamins that cater to your specific skin concerns.

In your quest for the best day cream, consider the offerings from Jericho Skincare Australia. Our moisturising day cream champions the potent minerals from the Dead Sea, marrying them with nature’s finest botanicals. It’s a love letter to your skin, crafted with care for Australians seeking to infuse their daily ritual with a touch of organic and the assurance of hydration.

Embrace the Morning Skincare Ritual

In conclusion, the simple act of applying a moisturising day cream unfolds into a practice of self-care that echoes throughout your day. Embrace this ritual with intention and quality products; soon, your skin will radiate gratitude. Looking for the best day cream in Australia? Shop and explore our moisturiser collection today!

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